WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Moving Beyond the Killer B’s: The Role of School Boards in School Accountability and Transformation – June 5, 2013

PowerPoint and Recorded Webinar


Successfully initiating and sustaining meaningful improvements in the lowest-performing public schools is a pressing challenge for policy leaders and practitioners nationwide. Local school boards sit at the intersection of policy and implementation of reform initiatives. Yet, ongoing efforts to improve public education focus primarily on the role of teachers, principals, and superintendents, as well as state and federal policymakers. Missing from this debate is a robust discussion or examination of the role of local school boards. This webinar will present findings from a study that examined the literature regarding the role of local school boards in targeted improvement efforts and explored emerging practice through interviews with key practitioners in districts engaged in such efforts. The webinar will highlight key findings and identify strategies the authors propose will more effectively leverage local school boards’ potential to play a leading role in catalyzing and sustaining meaningful change that will lead to better outcomes for students.


Lauren RhimLauren Rhim
Strategic Partner
Center on School Turnaround

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