Policy Perspective: School Turnaround in England – Utilizing the Private Sector

CenteronSchoolTurnaround_EnglandTurnaround_PolicyPerspectiveThis paper, written by strategic partner of the CST, Julie Corbett, provides research and examples on England’s approach to turning around its lowest performing schools. The English education system utilizes private vendors to support chronically low-performing schools and districts. The introduction is followed by discussions of each of the three main strategies for private sector involvement, including: school-based management, turning around individual schools and outsourcing the management of districts to private vendors. The paper concludes with lessons learned that could inform the implementation of similar efforts in the U.S.

Corbett spent twelve days in London in October 2013 to study the English education system with the Global Education Policy Fellowship Program (GEPFP). The program is affiliated with the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL). Corbett was a fellow of the Boston-based EPFP site in 2007–08 and is currently (2013–14) a senior fellow with the global program. In addition, some of the research used in this report was conducted for work commissioned by the Illinois Center for School Improvement, managed by American Institutes for Research, and is used with permission.