WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Successful School Turnarounds through Labor-Management Partnerships – May 21, 2013

Agenda, Related PowerPoint, and Recorded Webinar


Partnerships between labor and management are rapidly emerging in U.S. school districts and the effects of these partnerships appear promising, especially in districts that are engaged in school turnaround work. In this webinar Ken Futernick will acquaint SEAs with key findings from case study research on the impact of labor-management collaboration on school policy and practice and show how collaboration is breaking down the fierce resistance to change that has hampered so many turnaround efforts.

Adam Urbanski and Peter McWalters will discuss their experiences using collaboration to promote a number of innovative initiatives in Rochester City Schools and throughout the country. They will also discuss their views on opportunities and challenges associated with this approach.

The presenters will offer specific recommendations for SEAs that want to strengthen school turnaround efforts through labor-management collaboration. Ample time will be available for participants to respond with questions and comments.


Ken FuternickKen Futernick
Project Director

Adam UrbanskiAdam Urbanski
Rochester Teachers Association; Vice President, American Federation of Teachers; Founder, Teachers Union Reform Network (TURN)

PeterMcWalters_WEBPeter McWalters
Former Superintendent, Rochester City School District; member of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

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