The School Board’s Role in School Improvement and Turnaround

Purpose of this Project

Provide technical assistance to school boards and superintendents in Virginia to build their capacity to support targeted and continuous school improvement efforts and examine the critical role of the school board and the division in effective and sustainable change efforts.

Virginia School Board Pilot

With the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and the Virginia School Board Association (VSBA):

  • Develop a Virginia model for training and providing technical assistance to local school boards relative to school turnaround and differentiated school improvement.
  • Nest the training and technical assistance for school board members on school improvement and turnaround within a broader perspective on differentiated school improvement as it applies to all schools within a division.
  • Develop an internet-based system to: a) provide materials related to the school board trainings; b) guide and track a school board’s planning for a differentiated school improvement process that includes turnaround; and c) and share successes with other divisions.

Document List

  • Presentation – Leveraging School Board Leadership to Drive, Support and Sustain School Improvement & Transformation (Julie Corbett and Lauren Morando Rhim): Download PowerPoint (PDF)
  • Virginia School Board Pilot Project Description, Purpose, Participation Requirements, Agenda, and Background: Download (DOC)
  • Moving Beyond the Killer B’s: The Role of School Boards in School Accountability and Transformation: Download (PDF)
  • The Virginia Story: Forging Strong Working Relationships Among the State, District, School, and External Lead Partners for the Implementation of School Improvement Grants: Download (PDF)
  • Virginia School Board Action Planning Template: Download (DOC)
  • School Board Self-Assessment: Download (DOC)
  • District/Division Support for School Improvement and Turnaround Self-Assessment: Download (DOC)
  • The Center on School Turnaround Feedback Form: Download (DOC)