Information & Dissemination

The creation, collection, and dissemination of information on research-based and emerging promising practices about school turnaround will serve two purposes: (1) to provide educators with current, research-based, and actionable information on school turnaround; and (2) to provide the Center with research and emerging promising practices on which to develop its technical assistance tools, collaborations, trainings, and implementation supports.

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Work Highlights

Publication: The State Role in School Turnaround: Emerging Best Practices

The-State-Role-CoverThe Edited Volume will provide research and examples of practice on how state educational agencies (SEAs) manage school turnaround. Main chapters will include a literature review, framework, and action principles for the SEA. Brief chapters will focus on a turnaround-related topic, especially as it applies to a subset of schools or student populations. The Edited Volume is organized around the Center’s objectives, the SEA System of Recognition, Accountability, and Support change levers (Opportunity, Incentives, Capacity—Systemic, Capacity—Local), and ED’s turnaround principles.

The School Board’s Role in School Improvement and Turnaround

Providing technical assistance to school boards and superintendents to build their capacity to support targeted and continuous school improvement efforts and examine the critical role of the school board and the division in effective and sustainable change efforts.

SIG Turnaround Success Stories

Over 1300 schools completed the first three-year cycle of School Improvement Grants (SIG) in 2013. The CST is working with Regional Comprehensive Centers (RCCs) and associated SEAs to identify and shine a spotlight on some of the successful SIG Cohort I schools across the country. To identify these Success Stories, CST staff contacted RCCs to nominate schools in their region. Several RCCs and SEAs suggested schools and CST staff working through this list by examining data and discussing the nominees with RCC and SEA staff. Leaders from identified schools will be interviewed, as well as district and state staff, to understand the school’s turnaround efforts. This project will produce case studies describing what the school did to achieve its success, a report looking at lessons learned across sites, and webinars and presentations.

Early Childhood Education Turnaround Project

At the request of the U.S. Department of Education, the CST is working with Content Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) to promote the use of PK-3 Best Practices as strategies to help turnaround the nation’s lowest performing schools. The project will identify examples of successful turnaround schools that have used PK-3 Best Practices as strategies in their efforts.