WEBINAR ARCHIVE – Journey to School Improvement: The Personalized Mastery Approach (3/19/2014)

PowerPoint and Recorded Webinar PowerPoint: Slides (PDF) Recorded Webinar: March 19, 2014 (View Archive) Description There is growing interest in personalized and performance-based approaches to support student learning. Personalized Mastery (also known as competency-based learning) is one such approach, focusing on students moving through content at their own learning pace. Learn … [Read more...]

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Fostering Success for English Learners in Turnaround Schools: What State Education Agencies Need to Know and Be Able to Do

PowerPoint and Recorded Webinar PowerPoint: Slides (PDF) Recorded Webinar: September 11, 2013 (View Archive) Description English learners (ELs) constitute one of the fastest growing K-12 public school student populations in the United States, and currently number over 5 million students. ELs also constitute a sizable subpopulation of many low-performing and turnaround schools. This … [Read more...]

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Moving Beyond the Killer B’s: The Role of School Boards in School Accountability and Transformation – June 5, 2013

PowerPoint and Recorded Webinar PowerPoint: Slides (PDF) Recorded Webinar: June 5, 2013 (View Archive) Description Successfully initiating and sustaining meaningful improvements in the lowest-performing public schools is a pressing challenge for policy leaders and practitioners nationwide. Local school boards sit at the intersection of policy and implementation of reform … [Read more...]

WEBINAR ARCHIVE: Successful School Turnarounds through Labor-Management Partnerships – May 21, 2013

Agenda, Related PowerPoint, and Recorded Webinar Agenda: Download (PDF) PowerPoint: Slides (PDF) Recorded Webinar: May 21, 2013 (View Archive) Description Partnerships between labor and management are rapidly emerging in U.S. school districts and the effects of these partnerships appear promising, especially in districts that are engaged in school turnaround work. In this … [Read more...]